Platforms and Pitfalls Episode 8 - Game loops and Time

This month we look at the relationship between game loops and time. Using Monster Hunter World, Granblue Fantasy, Persona 4, Rogue Legacy and Asura's Wrath to look at how games design themselves around the time we spend with.

0:00:00 Opening
0:03:21 Monster Hunter World 
0:14:06 Granblue Fantasy
0:24:49 Persona 4
0:35:09 Rogue Legacy
0:44:14 Asura's Wrath  
0:54:59 Wrap up and ending

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This particular episode was inspired by a piece on Experience Points by Scott Juster, 

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The opening and closing song Random thoughts by Audio Binger is used under an Attribution non commercial licence, find more great audio here

Music used between each section is as follows.

Monster Hunter World Title Screen Theme, Capcom
Granblue Battle 1, Cygames
Persona 4 A Corner of Memories, Atlus
Rogue Legacy Main Theme, Cellar Door Games
Asura's Wrath Main Theme In Your Belief, Capcom